The Goodmorning

Every morning we will greet you with a rich breakfast suitable for all tastes!
When you wake up you will find a rich assorted buffet with sweets, cakes, biscuits and homemade pastries, a savory corner, dried fruit and fresh seasonal fruit!

The Cuisine

In all Azzurro Club Vacanze facilities you will find Italian, traditional and typical regional cuisine.
Our kitchen offers a new, different menu every day for lunch and dinner with meat, fish and traditional local products, so you can offer different dishes during each meal and leave you with a wide possibility of choice for your tastes.
To accompany our dishes you will always find a large buffet of hot and cold appetizers, accompanied by compositions of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
Finally, our menu always includes fresh desserts with sweets of the day, small fresh fruit compositions and other delicate delicacies to enjoy at the end of the meal.

Gastronomic Appointments

During the week, our kitchen will delight you with various themed evenings, including:
The Welcome Buffet: On Sunday before dinner, the kitchen offers various buffet dishes to celebrate your arrival at the hotel and for all other guests already present in the hotel.
The Sweets Buffet: On Friday evening, for those with a sweet tooth, the kitchen organizes an evening dedicated exclusively to pastries and the pleasure of tasting delicious desserts, including cakes, fruit arrangements, small pastries and many other delicacies.
The Dinner with Typical Regional Products: We at Azzurro Club Vacanze love to highlight the traditions and nuances with which Italian cuisine materializes in the various regions, for this reason, for years we have been organizing a dinner per week exclusively based on typical products and dishes of the Italian region in which the hotel where you will spend your holiday is located.
If you need help to get more informations about your holiday, you can contact us every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Personal Consulting
Per qualsiasi informazione siamo a Tua disposizione tutti i giorni dalle 9:00 alle 22:00.
Consulenza Personalizzata