Sponsor Program

Invite your friends to join our Loyalty Program and accumulate €50.00 in Sponsor Credits, which can be discounted directly on the price of your holiday, for each contact you have presented to us.


To become a Sponsor customer, all you have to do is introduce Azzurro Club Vacanze to one or more friends.

For each person who downloads our Fidelity App and books a holiday using your Customer Code, you will receive a credit of €50.00 which can be discounted directly on the price of your holiday.

The credit accumulated as a Sponsor has no cumulative limits, therefore it will be entirely discounted on the final price of your stay, even if you have booked benefiting from other offers, advantages or last minute offers.

Follow the 4 steps:

1.  First of all, you must already be an Azzurro Club Vacanze customer. If you are not, you can register immediately, even if you have never stayed in an Azzurro Club Vacanze hotel before. Fill out the Form and you will receive an email with your login credentials (user code and password).

2.  Immediately after registration you will get a personal User Code together with the credentials to access the App.

Through your user code, which your friends will have to enter in the space provided during registration, we will know that it was you who introduced us to them.

3. Invite your friends to register themselves as Azzurro Club Vacanze customers.

In this step it is important that you provide your User Code to your friends, who will have to enter it in the appropriate field, Partner Code, present in the form.

4. As soon as your friends confirm their first stay, you will receive a credit of €50.00 on your profile, which can be discounted on the price of your next stay.


The credit accrued for each new person introduced will become discountable when the new customer has made his first stay with Azzurro Club Vacanze.

To validate the credit, the new customer must be the holder of his first booking confirmation.

If you are a registered user and have forgotten your User Code, you can retrieve it immediately by clicking here.
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